With the recent launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in New Zealand (and almost Australia), YouTube and the HPWU Discord servers have been teeming with new info about the game. Here, I have gathered some recent information on Portkeys and Portmanteaus in the game, which seems to mirror the hatch-able Eggs in Pokemon GO!

Like the Eggs in Pokemon GO! that you must walk a set amount of kilometres to hatch into Pokemon, Portmanteaus will require you to walk a certain distance in order to unlock the Portmanteau and place the Portkey. The distance will be determined by the tier of the Portmanteau, which is as follows.

“Prized Portmanteau Portkey” – 2k

“Precious Portmanteau Portkey” – 5k

“Paramount Portmanteau Portkey” – 10k

There will be a max capacity of 8 Portmanteaus at a time, differing slightly from the 9 Eggs you are allowed in Pokemon GO! Though the Portkeys are sure to prove a more immersive experience!


You will need keys to activate Portmanteaus and begin clocking the distance, acting as the “Egg Incubators” of Wizards Unite. There have been two types of keys mentioned so far; Silver and Gold.

Gold Keys – Will act as your “Infinite Incubator” for Portmanteaus. Meaning you will be able to reuse them again and again, ensuring you are always able to have at least one Portmanteau actively clocking your distance.

Silver Keys – Are single-use items, but appear to be obtainable through fortresses and regular confoundable encounters. This allows for multiple Portmanteaus to be active at once.

Mechanics and a Step-By-Step of Portkeys

Once you have walked the required distance, place the Portkey on the ground, using AR, in the area of your choosing. WARNING: If you place the Portkey in an area you cannot physically access- to quote Mrs Weasley, “It is entirely YOUR FAULT!” and you will lose your key along with missing out on the rewards.

After placing the Portkey appropriately, you then access the Portkey by stepping into the illuminated blue circle on the ground. Once inside, you can look around 360 degrees, but you may not move freely around the scene. You will need to use this 360 feature to locate five glowing/sparkling orbs, currently referred to in-game as “Wrackspurts” (at least in the “Hagrid’s Hut” destination). Each Wrackspurt you find has a various bonus attached ( XP, Galleons, Items, etc.)

It is not clear yet, just how well the Portkeys function in the absence of AR capability, though there have been murmurings of some glitches when trying to operate them without AR being active or even a forced AR system.


From the gameplay we have seen so far, rewards obtained from Portkeys are random at best. Though there are multiple complaints of the reward system being too inconsistent, largely due to the number of Ingredients popping up. Their appearance has apparently been so incessant that one YouTuber, Spicey exasperatedly compared them to Pidgey encounters in Pokemon Go! Despite the reward types being inconsistent, the rewards themselves seem to be scaled to the Portmanteau tiers (2k, 5k, 10k). Though the exact ratio had not been determined at the time of this article.

There are three types of bonuses: Ingredients (as mentioned above), Player XP (to increase your player level), and Registry XP (to increase the rank of the randomly selected registry category). It was speculated by Iced9x that the registry category is randomly selected when the Portkey is opened.

A reward multiplier is applied as you tap the same bonus type in succession. Ex: When tapping two ingredient bonuses in a row, you will receive x2 of the 2nd ingredient you received. So far, it seems to be pure chance that you receive 2 or more of the same bonus type in a row.

On a side note: Just as with rewards from Pokestops, you will not receive the rewards from a Portkey if your inventory is full.


While only “Hagrid’s Hut” is available in-game currently, there is a list floating around of the other destinations that will become available:

Borgin and Burkes


Hogwarts Express

Hagrid’s Hut

Dumbledore’s Office

Snape’s Office

Delores Umbridge’s Office

Though there are still many aspects to be discovered, and a few hitches to be smoothed out, this has been a first look into the function of Portmanteaus and Portkeys in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

A big thank you to DaileyTribune for this article – Check out her channel here.