Wizards Unite has launched as Beta in New Zealand and we have your exclusive look at the new game and gameplay. This article will be updated with more information so keep checking back.

Heres your first look at the startup screen.

Heres a video of the gameplay you can experience

A view of the map. Very similar to Pokemon GO. This shows the many locations scattered around New Zealand.

It’s noted that you choose your own house. You do not get sorted by a sorting hat. You can choose which house you belong in. What will you go with?

Hagrid makes an appearance as the first foundable you can acquire. Cast the spell to defeat the confoundable and unlock the hagrid sticker for your registry.

Your Registry is where you store the stickers you collect when you cast spells against Foundables. Here you can see we have collected Hagrid.

An Inn, You collect food from the Inn which gives you spell energy. You collect this food by tracing the glyph displayed on the screen to collect your food.



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