Auror is one of three professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It is intended at being best as spellcasting and defeating dark wizards in combat. It is lead by Harry Potter.

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Auror Fundamentals

Auror Fundamentals is the first lesson book in the Auror Profession. This has 137 lessons to complete.

Skill NameStatSpell Books CostScrolls Cost
The Auror Advantage10 Power v.s. Foes with <50% Stamina02
Protego Practice3% Protego Power02-2
The Flitwick Method4 Power02-2
Third Position8 Power0-0-1-14-4-4-4
The Weakening HexImpair a Foe by lowering their Power04
Field Training4% Precision0-0-14-4-4
Resilience Training21 Stamina0-0-15-5-5
Auror’s Handbook15 Stamina05-5
The Bat-Bogey HexReduce a single Foe’s Stamina by a small amount05
Steel Conviction2 Max Focus05-5
Method in the Mad-Eye25 Stamina0-0-26-6-6
Playing Dirty10% Defence vs Foes with at less than 50% Stamina215
Mind the Gaps9% Precision0-0-2-2-46-6-6-6-6
Gawaining Experience19 Stamina07-7
Ferocious Bat-Bogey HexReduce Foe’s stamina: -207
Self Reflection22% Critical Power0-0-2-27-7-7-7
Improved Weakness HexImpair Foe Power: -5% (x2)08-8
The Focus CharmTransfer Focus from yourself to a Teammate08
The Duellists9 Power0-0-2-28-8-8-8
Duelling In The Dark1 Initial Focus010
Somatic Casting7 Power0-0-310-10-10
Full Body Fitness31 Stamina0-0-310-10-10
Punishment Principle10 Power0-0-3-710-10-10-10
Duelling dummy6 Power012-12
An Unforgivable46 Stamina0-0-4-812-12-12-12
Walden Macnair9 Power0-0-412-12-12
Constant Vigilance3 Max Focus0-0-515-15-15
To Protect And Serve29% Proficiency Power0-0-5-1015-15-15-15
Dancing With Dummies35% Precision vs Foes with 100% Stamina1245
Hidden Gem15% Defense015-15
Practice Range15% Accuracy0-0-618-18-18
Weakness Hex MaximaImpair Foe Power: -5% (x2)0-0-618-18-18
The Confusion HexImpair a Foe that lowers their Defense, Evasiveness, and Counter Jinxes018
Diggles’ Discriminating Discourse32% Defence Breach0-0-6-12-1218-18-18-18-18
Confusion Hex RepetitionsImpair Foe Defense, Dodge, Defense Breach, Counter Jinx022-22
The Criminal Mind38% Proficiency Power0-0-7-1422-22-22-22
Battle Instinct7% Precision0-0-722-22-22
Creatures Elective25% Deficiency Defense0-0-722-22-22
Advanced Guard7% Protego Power0-0-826-26-26
History of the Dark Arts61% Proficiency Power0-0-8-17-1726-26-26-26-35
Thieves’ Survival Guide10% Precision0-0-8-1726-26-26-26
Knowledge and Understanding25% Deficiency Defence Power026-26
Into The Fire39 Stamina0-0-1032-32-32
Best-Laid Plans1 Initial Focus032
Accelerating Blast22% Critical Power0-0-1032-32-32
Light and Shadow Room26% Critical Power0-0-1032-32-32
Expanding Repertoire13 Power0-0-10-2132-32-32-32
Fashion Forward24% Defence038-38
Weakening Hex MasteryImpair Foe Defense, Dodge, Defense Breach, Counter Jinx038-38
Perfect Form14 Power0-0-25-2538-38-38-38
The Trick With Death Eaters25% Precision vs Death Eaters2880
First Strike50% Critical Power vs Foes with 100% Stamina36100
Full Moon Hunter30% Defence Breach vs Werewolves2470