What are the master notes for potions you ask? Potions are a core game-play element of Wizards Unite and Master Notes help you speed up the process of brewing them. In this article we will discuss master notes and give you the secret combinations to brew faster.

What are Master Notes?

Master notes are a secret combination of Glyphs that you trace on your Cauldron when brewing potions. These master notes speed up brewing and allow you to be more efficient with your cauldron.

When you brew a potion in the Cauldron you are given time to complete the brew. By tracing the Glyph sequence over the cauldron you can significantly reduce this time.

A Exstimulo Potion with completed master notes.

How can you learn Master Notes?

We have a handy list of potions which has the Master Notes we know. You can view this guide by clicking here. Simply select the potion you are brewing and you will see the list of master notes if we have them available.

Click here to view the Potions list

We are still working on updating Master Notes. So if you know any we are missing let us know on our discord.