The Wizards Unite 2.6.0 update is causing issues for users on having issues with the game since updating.

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In response to this the Wizards Unite team has delayed the Brilliant Event Part 1. The new start date is Tuesday, November 12th at 11am pacific time.

The first major bug we have had users reporting is the buttons being un-clickable for certain players. This bug was due to assets being pushed out to the game without the game client being able to handle this.

According to HPWU_Fazes this bug has been fixed and if you are still getting this you are advised to re-install the game.

“This app is not compatible with some of your devices”

Android users are currently being effected by a bug which doesn’t allow them update the game with the error saying the device is not compatible anymore.

This is worrying as the app update has been forced by Niantic meaning the game is unplayable for users that this is affecting.

How can you fix these issues?

Currently these are not problems that can be fixed by you. We suggest keeping an eye on the Niantic Twitter account for updates.

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