With Christmas just around the corner the Wizards Unite team has some festive Christmas fun in store for Wizards Unite players with the announcement of the December Brilliant Event which we previously reported on.

It’s now official with the events being confirmed by the Wizards Unite team on their blog – You can check out all the festivities below.

We will share the full details on these events including the tasks as soon as we have them.

Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity

Part 1 – Relive the winter wonderland of the Hogwarts Yule Ball, including memories of couples like Hermione and Viktor, as well as Hagrid and Madame Maxime.


Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event Part 1: December 3-10

Part 1 Tasks:

Christmas Calamity Quest 1/4

Collect 5 Yule Ball Invitations from Inns 2 Restricted Section Books
Return 3 Medium-Threat (or Higher) Foundables 10 Brilliant Family XP
Add 1 Friend 20 Brilliant Family

1st Quest Rewards

  • 500 Wizarding XP
  • 20 Brilliant Family XP
  • 1 Restricted Section book
  • Yule Ball Robes for Portrait
  • 3 Baneberry Ingredients
  • 2 Powered Dragon Claw Ingredients

Christmas Calamity Quest 2/4

Brew 4 Potions 300 Wizarding XP
Send 5 Gifts 15 Brilliant Family XP
Collect 5 Yule Ball Invitations from Greenhouses 20 Brilliant Family XP

2nd Quest Rewards

  • 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • Ice Sculpture Frame for Portrait
  • 1 Punch Bowl Brilliant Registry Sticker
  • 2 Unicorn Hair Ingredients
  • 6 Snowdrop Ingredients

Christmas Calamity Quest 3/4

Collect 7 Yule Ball Invitations from Gnome Confoundables 500 Wizarding XP
Win 5 Wizarding Challenges 500 Wizarding XP
Return 5 Brilliant Hagrid and Madame Maxime 15 Brilliant Family XP

3rd Quest Rewards

  • 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • Animated Snowflakes Portrait Sticker
  • Hermione Hair Pins Portrait Sticker
  • 2 Dark Detectors

Christmas Calamity Quest 4/4

Collect 15 Yule Ball Invitations from Gnome Confoundables 750 Wizarding XP
Open 3 Portkeys 25 Brilliant Family XP
Return 5 Brilliant Hermione and Viktor 25 Brilliant Family XP

4th Quest Rewards

  • Silver House Statues Portrait Frame
  • 50 Gold
  • 5 Restricted Section Books
  • Grumpy Ron Brilliant Registry Sticker
  • Durmstrang Ship Animated Portrait Sticker

Christmas Calamity Bonus Assignment

Collect 30 Yule Ball Invitations from Brilliant Traces 2 Dark Detectors
Return 15 High-Threat (or Higher) Foundables 1 Ministry ID Title: Gift Giver
Send 10 Gifts Yule Ball Fancy Hat for Portrait

Bonus Rewards

  • 2000 Wizard XP
  • 100 Brilliant Family XP

Part 1 Brilliant Foundables:

  • Brilliant Hermione and Viktor (10) – Brilliant Encounter
  • Brilliant Hagrid and Madam Maxime (10) – Brilliant Encounter
  • Yule Ball Programme (5) – Brilliant Portkey
  • Ice Sculpture of Castle (3) – Wizarding Challenges with Brilliant Runestones
  • Grumpy Ron (1) – Tasks
  • Punch Bowl (1) – Tasks

Free store pack:

  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
  • 25 Spell Energy

Part 2 – Reflect on Yule Ball memories from Ron and his friends, including memories of Parvati and Harry, as well as Fred and Angelina.

  • Collect Baubles by casting Ebublio
  • Collect Baubles from Brilliant Portkeys
  • Collect Baubles from Inns
  • Collect Baubles from Greenhouses
  • Collect Baubles from Brilliant Traces

When: Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event Part 2: December 17-24

Community Day

Lend Hagrid a hand with caring for his magical creatures by helping return Foundables from the Hagrid’s Hut Registry Page. Special Portkeys will whisk you away to Hagrid’s Hut to unlock some of the rarest magical creatures. Make sure to bundle up and stay warm as you’re out adventuring!

When: December Community Day: December 14

12 Tasks of Christmas

Join in the holiday revelry by completing 12 Tasks of Christmas and exchanging special holiday Gifts with friends.

When: Unknown start date

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