Calling all UK Wizards… Especially if you’re on the EE Network that is.

EE has announced that they are partnering with Wizards Unite and Niantic to bring you exclusive content and EE sponsored locations to Wizards Unite.

GAMER’S DATA PASS (worth £7.99 per month) – EE is introducing the Gamer’s Data Pass to cover all the data customers use on a wide selection of games like Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite so they never have to worry about draining their data allowance”

“EE locations will appear in the game as sponsored Inns and Fortresses with higher reward payout and special quests that’ll be announced at launch. EE and Niantic will also be working together to ensure the best in-game experiences on 5G in the future.”

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic was also at the event providing insight into how 5G would work with Wizards Unite.

Hanke said that games using AR were pushing 4G to the limits, saying that 5G would really help bring these games to life, allowing a better gaming experience and allowing players to stay in sync when playing collaboratively. Hanke said that latency as low as 3ms would allow a much smoother gaming experience – which will benefit the players of Wizards Unite.

It’s also interesting to note that the EE 5G launch is happening on the 30th of May in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester. Could this point to a possible launch date for the UK? While other news sources are speculating yes we have not seen anything to officially confirm this launch date, but for the sake of the UK Wizards, we have our fingers crossed.

We are seeing word of EE being the “exclusive telecom launch partner of Wizards Unite” we aren’t necessarily taking this as the launch being EE exclusive. Some other news sources have begun rumours that this is the case but we are taking this as EE is the only UK partner at launch and other networks may join as being a partner (with sponsored fortresses etc) in future.

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