We here at WizardsUniteWorld think building a local community is key to having a fun Wizards Unite experience. We know how important community has been in Pokemon Go and so we have built a tool to help you find a local community or create your own local community.

Introducing the Wizards Unite Discord Map. With our discord map, you can find your own community of Wizards Unite players in your area.

Don’t see a discord for your area? Why not make one? Submitting your discord to the map is easy. You can do this by clicking the “Add My Server” button on the map and following the steps. This will add a bot to your server which can do many helpful things such as setup roles for houses or professions and help you manage your discord.

To qualify to be on the map you must provide a valid location and must also be a Wizards Unite based discord.

So why not find or create a local discord community today. Wizards lets unite!

View The Discord Map Here

Want your own Wizards Unite Discord Bot? Click here for more information.