Gifting is a long awaited feature in Wizards Unite. After seeing hints about sending gifts in earlier versions of the game and it being a core feature of Pokemon Go, many Wizards have been looking forward to being able to send gifts to other Wizards.

Just in time for Christmas we have an announcement of Gifting. Coming soon you will be able to send and receive gifts through your friends list in Wizards Unite.

How to get gift boxes

Gift boxes can be collected from the three following actions

  • Dining at Inns
  • Pulling potted plants at Greenhouses
  • Completing Wizard Challenges in Fortresses

There are three different coloured Gift Boxes that you can give to your Wizard Friends. Each Gift Box will grant Wizarding XP and may have a chance of containing other special items.

Types of gift boxes

The type of gift boxes you can get are as follows

  • Blue Gift Box – Gifts spell energy – Collected from Inns
  • Yellow Gift Box – Gifts runestones – Collected from Fortresses
  • Green Gift Box – Gifts ingredients – Collected from Greenhouses
Sponsored gift boxes

Gift boxes collected from sponsored location will grant the player who receives the gift greater base items.

Find friends to exchange Gifts with

You can easily find friends to exchange gifts with by using our Wizards Unite World Friends website.

Click here to check out our friends site. Add your friends code and start making some new friends.

Other interesting points about Gift Boxes
  • You cannot open gifts that you collect yourself. Share your gifts with other players and they will return them.
  • Only one gift can be sent to the same friend every 24 hours.
  • You can store a maximum of 100 gifts.


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