In Wizards Unite Greenhouses are points of interest that you can visit on the Wizard map to collect ingredients used for brewing potions. You can re-visit a Greenhouse every 5 minutes to collect ingredients. To do this you simply pull a plant from the pot plant and are rewarded with some ingredients.

A greenhouse on the map

Growing Ingredients

Greenhouses allow you to plant Ingredient Seeds that grow into harvestable Potion Ingredients. Just follow these simple steps.

A communal greenhouse pot

Pick a Pot
Pots are communal, so anyone in the vicinity of a Greenhouse can use an empty Pot to grow a plant. You may also select a Rental Pot, which provides you with a reserved place to grow any plant you need.

Get Planting
After you select a Pot, choose a plant to grow. Every plant requires an amount of Ingredient Seeds, Water, and time to grow. You can find Ingredient Seeds and Water on the Map. Rental Pots come with all of the things you need to grow any particular plant, plus reduced growing time!

Wait a While
Your plant requires an amount of time to grow. While you wait, you can cast Herbivicus to increase the amount of Potion Ingredients the plant will produce. Anyone in the vicinity can help your plant grow and increase its yield.

Come Back and Harvest
When your plant has finished growing, the Potion Ingredients it produces will sprout on the Map for a limited time. You must return to the Greenhouse location where you planted in order to harvest. Everyone in the vicinity will also be able to collect the full yield from your plant, so growing in Greenhouses benefits all!


Seeds planted badge

When planting seeds you will earn achievements and earn yourself wizarding titles.

  • Helpful Herbologist Title – Plant 3 ingredient seeds at a greenhouse.
  • Seeds planted badge – Plant seeds at a greenhouse
  • Greenhouse visited badge – Visit a greenhouse
Greenhouses visited badge