Getting Started in Wizards Unite: Beginners Guide

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the newest game released by Niantic, Inc. The style of the game generates itself from Niantic’s two big titles, Ingress and Pokemon Go. This guide will help get you started in the next immersive real-world game and lead you to become a top wizard.

Once you download the game and log yourself in, you’ll find your avatar standing in your real-world location. A tutorial will begin to initiate your wizarding career, and you can learn many useful tips from it.

Once the initial tutorial is complete, you will have captured your first foundable and will be ready to walk around the real world.

Inns and Greenhouses – The first aspect you will want to search for on your map will be inns and greenhouses. These points of interest on the map correspond to real-world locations. The best place to look for these locations will be city areas and parks.

Both locations can provide you with valuable spell energy that you will need for every type of encounter. Greenhouses are also an excellent source of ingredients that can be used to brew beneficial potions.

Dark Detectors can be placed at inns to lure in foundable spawns and can increase the rarity of those spawns.

Foundables – Foundables are spawns on the map, and they are the basic form of gameplay. Clicking a foundable icon on the map will lead you into an encounter, and there are hundreds of different encounters to find. A threat meter will indicate to you the difficulty you will have with helping the foundable. Foundables are an easy way to gain a variety of rewards.

Spellcasting – Spellcasting is primarily used for foundables, but also during Fortress battles, Inns, and brewing. There are many different spells that give you traceable glyphs to cast them from. Speed and accuracy determine the effectiveness of the spell, but focusing more on speed will net the best results. Be careful during encounters, because accidentally touching the screen will use spell energy from your already diminished supply. To practice your spellcasting outside of the game, check out this page.

Fortresses – Once you feel ready to put your wizarding skills to the test, visit one of the tall buildings you find on the map. Fortresses have many levels of chambers that are unlocked from beating the previous chamber. Entering a fortress battle will require a runestone. These have a variety of types that correspond to the type of reward received from a successful battle.

Fortress battling is the aspect of Wizards Unite that lets you team up with other wizards. Up to five wizards can battle in a fortress together to receive the same rewards. You can battle the lower chambers solo, but team up with a wizard of each profession for tougher battles.

The top right corner of the wizard’s screen will show the number of defeated enemies required to win. You can see enemies as icons in the fortress and they show which profession will be strongest against them.

You will have certain abilities that can be used to aid in battling. These abilities have cooldowns or require focus, but they can be the difference in winning or losing.

Click on an enemy to begin the battle phase. You will have to point your wand into the enemy’s circle to initiate an attack. Once the circle is filled, you can trace a spell to damage your enemy. Be careful, because your enemy will attack back. Swipe the screen during an enemy attack to lessen the damage you take.

Professions – Professions are a very exciting part of Wizards Unite. You are given the choice between Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor. Don’t worry, you can switch between these at any time without losing progress on the previous profession.

Professions are an integral part of fortress battles. Each profession is stronger against certain enemies and weaker against others.

The skill tree is a method of making your wizard stronger for battles. Scrolls can be used to progress the skill tree to improve your stats.

Registry – The registry is the place to store all of your successful foundable encounters. There are many different pages that will rank up and give useful rewards. Many of the registry slots will require multiple of each foundable to fully complete. Once an entire section is filled, you will be able to prestige your registry to earn better rewards.

Potions – Potions enhance gameplay throughout every part of Wizards Unite. They can heal you in battle, level you up faster, or increase your chance on winning an encounter.

Potions can be brewed from the ingredients you collect. When you have the correct ingredients to brew a potion, you can select it to begin brewing. Brewing takes time, but you can reduce the time by performing that potion’s Master Notes.

Diagon Alley – Diagon Alley is the place to make all in-app purchases. However, coins can be earned from gameplay, so you don’t have to pay to buy something from the shop. There’s a wide array of purchasable items, but the most beneficial purchase will probably be increasing storage caps for energy, ingredients, and potions.

Portkeys – Portkeys can be found spawning in on the map. They will require a certain distance walked and the key to open. Each player receives one golden key that lasts forever, so you will always be able to walk at least one Portkey.

Once the distance is walked, you can place the Portkey to travel to a room from the world of Harry Potter. Look around and tap on the shining dots to receive 5 rewards. Portkeys are one of the best sources of experience and other valuable rewards.

Daily Rewards and Tasks – Make sure to log in to the game every day to receive your daily reward. The daily rewards become better each day until resetting at the end of the month. You also will find a daily tasks page that will reward you for completing different tasks each day.

Ministry ID – Right now, the Ministry ID page is a fun place to customize information about your wizards. This includes your name, title, Hogwarts house, wand, profession, and wizarding achievements. All of this information is confidential to yourself except your profession.

Helpful tips to get you started:

  • Parks will be the best place to play Wizards Unite, followed by populated city areas.
  • Focus on levelling up to unlock more areas of gameplay.
  • Find a group to play with. Real world games are great to play with others and you can take down Fortresses easier.
  • Pay attention to the weather, it can affect foundable spawns.
  • Look for different colours of flags to find different types of foundable spawns in those areas.
  • Pay attention to your vault storage at all times. You don’t want to miss out on any rewards because your storage is full.
  • Bring a portable charger. Wizards Unite drains phone battery fast.
  • Stay hydrated while you play.
  • Always keep yourself safe.
  • Check back with Wizards Unite World for the latest information involving the game.

– MrTeleporto