With less than 24 hours until the start of the ‘Stronger United’ Brilliant Event some players using Android devices are still unable to install the current version of the app (2.6.0) and access the game.

The issue, first reported on Community Forum, appears to effect Android users accessing Wizards Unite via the Google Play Store: devices that are compatible with the game incorrectly receive a device not compatible message while others report that the Wizards Unite app is simply no longer visible in the store to download.

Although the issue is not device specific many of the players reporting the issue are using Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel devices.

The latest news from the HPWU team suggests that a permanent fix will not be available before the start of the Brilliant Event however many report success with the following workaround reported by discord user ‘Nixie’.

How to Fix

1. Clear cache and storage from Google Play Services
Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > clear cache
Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > clear storage

2. Clear cache and storage from Google Play Store
Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > clear cache
Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > clear storage

3. Open the dialer and type *#*#CHECKIN#*#* to force a check in
The dialer is the default app used to make regular phone calls; note you do not input the actual letters but the numbers that correspond to the letters

4. Restart device

5. Open Google Play Store and download Wizards Unite

6. Download the game assets

Note: Some users report that step 3 is not required, while others report that steps 1 and 2 may need to be completed twice before the device not compatible message is cleared. None of the players in our research group experienced this issue so we have been unable to independently verify this workaround nor any side effects; for example, one Reddit user reports needing to reconfigure Google backup after following the above method.

If you have been experiencing this issue we hope the above works for you. Once back working be sure to open a ticket with Customer Support via the game help and try claim back any missed daily rewards.

You can read further details of the problem on the Community Forum and get further help from other players on our discord server.

Thanks to Nixie for sharing this information with the community.