Within Wizards Unite, you may do your in-game shopping by visiting Diagon Alley! This is where you can purchase gold, expansions, and a wide range of wizarding tools, which will give you various boosts in the game.

The Shops and Sales of Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley consists of various shops, each selling their own range of products and extra capacity to carry it all!

The Featured Section 

Upon entering Diagon Alley, the first thing you will see is the ‘Featured Items’ notice, alerting you to current deals and bundles. You will want to keep an eye on this notice board to take advantage of different deals when you have the chance and progress the best for your galleons!

The items currently featured are:

S.O.S Kit – 460 Gold

Give your calamity-containing efforts a boost with Spell Energy, Potent Exstimulo Potions, and a Dark Detector.

  • 1x Dark Detector
  • 25x Spell Energy
  • 3x Potent Exstimulo Potion

Brain Elixir Potion Kit – 1350 Gold

Level up faster with a bundle of Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs, doubling your Wizarding XP from Traces and Portkeys.

  • x15 Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs

Exstimulo Crate – 850 Gold

Cast your incantations with more effectiveness, using a variety of Exstimulo Potions.

  • x4 Exstimulo Potions
  • x4 Strong Exstimulo Potions
  • x4 Potent Exstimulo Potions

Potion Variety Crate – 850 Gold

A veritable variety of elixirs and infusions for all of your Potion needs!

  • x4 Potent Exstimulo Potion
  • x4 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
  • x4 Healing Potion

Stack of Dark Detectors – 350 Gold

Reveal Traces of a higher rarity, with Dark Detectors.

  • 3x Dark Detectors

Case of Dark Detectors – 1600 Gold

Reveal Traces of a higher rarity and fill out your Registry faster with a bevy of Dark Detectors.

  • x15 Dark Detectors

Pile of Keys – 350 Gold

A set of Silver Keys to unlock your Portkey Portmanteaus.

  • 4x Silver Keys

Vault Extensions – 475 Gold

Increase your Vault capacity for Spell Energy, Ingredients, and Potions.

  • x10 Spell Energy Capacity
  • x30 Ingredient Capacity
  • x10 Potion Capacity


The first stop for many young witches and wizards will be to exchange your Muggle money for wizarding gold at Gringotts! The renowned wizarding bank offers you various Gold Bundles for your muggle money (In the following chart, US Dollars)

NOTE: Using your muggle money is not required! You surely earn wizarding gold through levelling up and other activities/achievements within the game. But, if you’re looking for an extra boost or find yourself low on supplies and unable to restock, Gringotts and all of Diagon Alley is there in a pinch!

Bundle Gold US $ Gold per $

Handful of Gold +80 Gold $0.99 80
Pocketful of Gold +425 Gold $4.99 85
Pile of Gold +875 Gold $9.99 87.5
Trunk of Gold +1850 Gold $19.99 92.5
Chest of Gold +4750 Gold $49.99 95
Vault of Gold +10000 Gold $99.99 100



In this shop, you will find Dark Detectors, Runestones, and Silver Keys for sale. Along with Spell Energy and Spell Energy capacity upgrades.

Purchasable Items

Bag of Runestones -40 Gold
  • x1 LVL 1 Care of Magical Creatures Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Dark Arts Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Hogwarts School Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Legends of Hogwarts Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Magical Games and Sports Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Magizoology Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Ministry of Magic Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Mysterious Artifacts Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Oddities Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Wonders of The Wizarding World Runestone
Dark Detector -120 Gold
Silver Key -90 Gold
+50 Spell Energy -100 Gold
+10 Spell Energy Capacity (Cost: 150 Gold)

Item Usage

Runestones: Allow you to enter Fortresses.

Dark Detectors: Place on an Inn to reveal rarer traces for 30m. Quite like placing a Lure on a Pokestop in Pokemon Go! to attract rarer Pokemon.

Silver Key: Unlocks a Portkey Portmanteau, allowing you to begin clocking the distance required for activating the Portkey.

Slug & Jiggers

This is Diagon Alley’s potion shop, selling a range of elixirs and draughts, along with capacity upgrades for your Potions and Ingredients.


Purchasable Items

+10 Potions Capacity -200 Gold
+10 Ingredients Capacity -150 Gold

x1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir -100 Gold

x1 Healing Potion -25 Gold

x1 Exstimulo Potion -50 Gold

x1 Strong Exstimulo Potion -75 Gold

x1 Potent Exstimulo Potion -100 Gold

Item Usage

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir: Activates a 30min passive buff, boosting the amount of XP rewarded from completing any Trace or Portkey within that time limit. (Mirroring the effects of Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Go!)

Healing Potion: Restores stamina lost in combat.

The various Exstimulo Potions: Improves your spellcasting, both within combat and Trace encounters. The degree of improvement is scaled to the potency of the potion (the base Exstimulo Potion, Strong, and Potent).

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