You can level up your character in Wizard’s Unite in different ways. This guide introduces you to each way and explains how it affects your gameplay.

Currently, there are six elements in Wizard’s Unite that can increase in level.

  • Wizarding Level
  • Profession Grade
  • Registry Frames
  • Exploration Foundable Registry Rank
  • Challenge Foundable Registry Rank
  • Brilliant Foundable Registry Rank

Wizarding Level

Find your Wizarding Level on your Ministry ID and in your Suitcase. The Game awards you items and filters/frames/stickers for your Wizarding Portrait every time you increase your Wizarding Level.

Increasing your Wizarding Level also unlocks certain SoS Assignments. You can unlock all current SoS Assignments with a Wizarding Level of 20.

Every five Wizarding Levels gained helps to increase the chances of a cast spell removing a Confoundable. This increases both the base chance (moves the pointing finger), and the effectiveness of a well-cast spell (moves of the arrow). This is similar to the effect of drinking an Estimulo potion.

Increase Wizarding Levels by collecting Wizarding XP through Traces, Wizarding Challenges, Portkeys, Achievements, and Assignments. Drinking a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir only doubles Wizarding XP collected from Traces, Wizarding Challenges, and Portkeys. Brain Elixirs do not double Wizarding XP collected from Achievements or Assignments. Defeating Fortress Chambers with in-game friends increases Wizarding XP awards. (2 friends = 25% increase, 3 friends = 50% increase, 4 friends = 75% increase, 5 friends = 100% increase)

Profession Grade

Find your Profession Grades in the Profession section of your Suitcase. Every player has three Profession levels–one for each Profession–even if you have only taken lessons for one Profession. Switching between Professions (by tapping on its circle) allows you to  see each Profession Grade. Each profession starts out at grade 1. Use your Profession Grade as an estimate of your selected Professions’ abilities for Fortress Chambers. 

Increase your Profession Grade by taking Profession Lessons using Spell Books, Scrolls, and Restricted Section Books. One Scroll used in a Profession skill tree grants 1 Profession XP for that Profession, while one Skill Book used awards 5 Profession XP. 

Registry Frames

Every Frame in a registry has one of four ranks: Standard, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

You can place a sticker in a Registry frame when you fully return all Foundables in that frame (sometimes only 1 is needed, sometimes 150 Foundables are needed). When you place all stickers in a frame, a star appears in the top right-hand corner of the frame, indicating that you can prestige the frame.

On a related note, when you place a sticker in a frame, you may unlock a Photo Mode for that Foundable. Look for the icon of a camera next to the Foundable’s thumbnail.

After you prestige a frame, you remove the frame’s stickers and you need to find more Foundables to place stickers again. You can still take an A/R photo in Photo Mode, even after a prestige. Prestiging also increases the amount of Registry XP awarded when returning Foundables, providing an incentive to immediately prestige a frame when possible.

Exploration Registry Rank

Find your Exploration Foundable Family Rank in the Registry section of your Suitcase–in the Exploration tab. Each Exploration Foundable Family has its own rank, and awards you with an Exploration Treasure Trunk when you collect enough Exploration Foundable Family XP to increase the rank. Exploration Treasure Trunks contain Scrolls that you can use to learn Profession lessons, and also contain Runestones of that Family that you can use to challenge Fortress Chambers.

Increase each Exploration Foundable Family Rank by earning Exploration Foundable Family XP for that Family, either through a Trace on the Map or by defeating a Fortress Chamber with a Runestone of that Family type (only increases the probability, not guaranteed). You can also earn Exploration Foundable Family XP by placing a sticker of a Foundable Family member in a frame. High-Threat Foundables and Foundables with a high-ranked frame are worth more Exploration Foundable Family XP. Foundables that have been fully returned are worth less Exploration Foundable Family XP. For any Rank above 10 (11 and above), the amount of Exploration Foundable Family XP needed to earn a Treasure Trunk will no longer increase at every level, and will remain at 100 Exploration Foundable Family XP. 

Challenge Registry Rank

Find your Challenge Foundable Rank in the Registry section of your Suitcase–in the Challenge tab. Increasing your Challenge Foundable Rank earns you a Challenge Treasure Trunk. Challenge Treasure Trunks contain Spell Books that you can use to learn Profession lessons.

Increase your Challenge Foundable Rank by earning Challenge Foundable XP by defeating a Fortress Chamber or by placing a sticker of a Challenge Foundable in a frame. You can increase Challenge Foundable XP earned by increasing the difficulty of the Fortress Chamber.

Brilliant Foundable Registry Rank

Find your Brilliant Foundable Rank in the Registry section of your Suitcase–in the Brilliant tab. Increasing your Brilliant Foundable Rank earns you a Brilliant Treasure Trunk.  Brilliant Treasure Trunks contain Scrolls that you can use to learn profession lessons, and contain Brilliant Runestones that you can use to challenge more Fortress Chambers.

Restricted Section Books cannot be found in Brilliant Treasure Trunks. Instead, you can only earn Restricted Section Books by completing Brilliant Event Challenges given during the limited time Brilliant Events.

Increase your Brilliant Foundable Rank by earning Brilliant Foundable XP by returning a Brilliant Foundable found in a purple Trace, which can only be found during the Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna, or by winning a Fortress battle when using a Brilliant Runestone (PRO TIP:increase your Brilliant rewards by using Brilliant Runestones with friends in Fortress Battles). You can also earn Brilliant Foundable XP by placing a sticker of a Brilliant Foundable in a frame. Brilliant Events are limited-time events. The last Brilliant Event lasted for six days in May, 2019 during the beta test in New Zealand and Australia.