Magizoologist is one of three professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It has an emphasis on defensive abilities and is lead by Hagrid.

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Foundational Magizoology

Foundational Magizoology is the first lesson book in the Magizoologist Profession. This has 142 lessons to complete.

Skill NameStatSpell Book CostScrolls Cost
A Noble Cause31 Stamina02-2-2-2
Ministry Magizoology Orientation10 Power while Player has at least 50% Stamina02
Safety Orientation7% Protego Power02-2
Billywig Stings3% Precision02-2
Camp Firenze35 Stamina0-0-1-14-4-4-4
The Stamina CharmRestore the Stamina of a Teammate 15%04
Be The Erumpent2 Power04-4
Fire Crabs!27 Stamina0-0-15-5-5
Mending CharmRestore a Teammate’s Stamina by a small amount05
The Slightest Movement2 Max Focus05-5
Occamy In a Tea Pot29% Proficiency Power0-0-1-15-5-5-5
Natural Defences9% Defense06-6
Forum Quorum6 Defence while player has at least 50% Stamina516
Romanian Sojourn6 Power0-0-2-26-6-6-6
Live Chimaera Handling40 Stamina0-0-2-27-7-7-7
Mending Charm MaximaStamina restored to Teammate +207
Nowhere to Hide15% Critical Power0-0-2-27-7-7-7
Pain to Train31 Stamina0-0-28-8-8
The Revive CharmRevive a knocked-out Teammate and restore a portion of their Stamina08
Sky, Sea, Sky, Seafloor45 Stamina0-0-3-710-10-10-10
Alberta Toothill6 Power0-0-310-10-10
Luna’s Stamina CharmRestore Teammate Stamina +5%010
How to Stun a Giant12% Precision0-0-3-7-710-10-10-10-10
Celebrity Jeopardy5 Max Focus0-0-412-12-12
Confound and Bewilder2 Initial Focus012-12
Mordecai’s Method6 Power0-0-412-12-12
Re’Em37 Stamina0-0-515-15-15
Wilderness Wear25 Stamina015-15
A Bird in Hand40 Power while Player has at least 5 Focus835
Shield Charmer17% Protego Power0-0-618-18-18
The Bravery CharmEnhance your entire team by raising their Power against Elite Foes018
Wilderness Wards25% Defense0-0-6-1218-18-18-18
Doxycide20% Accuracy0-0-618-18-18
Binn’s Revenge22% Defense Breach0-0-7-14-1422-22-22-22-29
Howling Wolves9 Power0-0-7-1422-22-22-22
Pet Manticore54 Stamina0-0-7-1422-22-22-22
Survival Training56 Stamina0-0-7-1422-22-22-22
Guest Lecturer30% Deficiency Defense0-0-722-22-22
Necessary Force10 Power0-0-8-1726-26-26-26
Acromantula Handling44 Stamina0-0-826-26-26
Curiosities Killed a Cat30% Deficiency Defense026-26
Improved Revive CharmTeammate Stamina on Revive: +10% (x4)0-0-1032-32-32
Stamina Charm MaximaRestore Teammate Stamina +5% (x2)032-32
Breath of Dragons15% Critical Power0-0-1032-32-32
Two Creatures, Great and Small38% Proficiency Power0-0-10-2132-32-32-32
Dragon Lady16% Defense038-38
Trouble with Truckles1 Initial Focus038
Lethifold18% Critical Power2538-38-38
Amplified Bravery CharmPower vs Elites: +30% (x3)2538-38-38
Rolf Scamander61% Proficiency Power0-0-25-25-3838-38-38-38-51
Spiders!20% Defence vs Spiders1050
Become the Beast15% Defence while the player has at least 5 focus1450
Vile Creatures25 Power vs Erklings1450