Cheaters beware! Niantic looks to be stepping up its effort to defeat people cheating in its games Ingress, Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite.

A blog post on the official Niantic blog titled “Keeping our Games Fun and Fair” details the important commitment Niantic has to promote fair gameplay and to ban any cheaters that are caught in the game.

Niantic has detailed out some points towards what they are doing to curb cheating.

Three Strikes Policy

The three-strikes policy is a policy that users are issued three strikes before being permanently removed from the game. Warning, Suspension and Termination. Each strike reduced your ability to play features of the game.

After a warning, you are given 7 days before your account can play normally again. After a suspension, you are given 30 days before your account can play normally again and termination is the permanent ban of your account from playing.

Root and Jailbreak Detection

Niantic has improved its root and jailbreak detection. Users who have a jailbroken or rooted device will not be able to play Wizards Unite or any of Niantics other games. This is due to the fact that these devices allow users to cheat easier. This is a controversial stance as not all players who Root/Jailbreak their device are cheaters.

Mass ban of cheaters

Over 500,000 accounts were banned in the recent purge of cheating accounts between Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite. This is a fairly large number and a good indication they are serious about removing cheaters from the game.

Users in Wizards Unite are already seeing warnings pop up for cheating which states they have detected activity that indicates you are using a modified version of the game. Users are receiving strikes because of this.

Cheaters ruin the experience for everyone so we are especially happy to see Niantic taking action against these. We hope they will keep it up and make it a fair and fun experience for everyone. How effective this will be we will have to find out.