Healing Potion

Restores 35% of your maximum Stamina when you’ve taken damage in Oddity Traces and Wizarding Challenges.

Unlocks At Level 6
Brewing Time 2 hours
Master Note Effect 15% Brewing speed increase
Ingredient Description
Wormwood x1

An essential ingredient for Healing Potion.

Bubotuber Pus x3

An essential ingredient in Healing Potion, squeezed from the pustules of the Bubotuber plant.

Dittany x2

A standard ingredient in Healing Potion, renowned for its rejuvenative properties.

Dragon Liver x1

A powerful ingredient, essential for the brewing of Healing Potion, but very difficult to obtain.

Master Notes

Master notes reduce your potions brew time. Trace the patterns below into the cauldron when brewing to reduce brew time.

Master Note Name Description
Pinch Out

Zoom on the brewing Potion in the Cauldron.

Circle Clockwise

Clockwise turn inside the Cauldron.


Multiple taps on the brewing Potion in the Cauldron.

Pinch In

Pinch the brewing Potion in the Cauldron.

The Wizards Unite Potion Healing Potion
NFT Rarity Sniffer