Professor is one of the three Professions in Wizards Unite. It is considered to be balanced between attack and defense abilities and is lead by Professor McGonagall.

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Principles of Professorship

The principles of Professorship is the first lesson book in the Professor Profession. This has 134 lessons to complete.

Skill NameStatSpell Books CostScrolls Cost
Ideal Exchange5 Power vs Foes with at least 1 Impairment02
N.E.W.T.S Preparation15 Stamina02-2
Situational Understanding4 Power02-2
From Seed to Tree26 Stamina0-0-14-4-4
A New Perspective17% Defense04-4
The Deterioration HexPlace an Impairment on a Foe that lowers their Stamina every time they attack or defend04
Book Mates4 Power04-4
Room of Requirement5 Power04-4
Restricted Section6% Defence vs Foes with at least 1 Impairment212
Improved Deterioration HexImpair foe Stamina: -10 (x2)05-5
The Mending CharmRestore a Teammate’s Stamina by a small amount05
Strength in Numbers5 Power while Player has at least 1 Enhancement211
Sparring Specifics9% Defence vs Foes with at least 2 Impairments415
Binns Mode3% Precision06-6
Summer Reading53% Proficiency Power0-0-2-27-7-7-7
Mending Charm MaximaStamina restored to Teammate +227
Light Reading11% Critical Power07-7
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work12 Power while Player has at least 2 Enhancements416
Confidence6% Defence while Player has at least 1 Enhancement520
The Art of the Stance29 Stamina0-0-28-8-8
The Protection CharmEnhance a Teammate by increasing their Defense08
Wand Wizardry8 Power0-0-28-8-8
Attention to Detail7% Precision0-0-28-8-8
Divinating Details2 Initial Focus010-10
Poppy’s Prescription44 Stamina0-0-3-710-10-10-10
Nearly Headless Nick63 Stamina0-0-3-7-710-10-10-10-10
Deterioration Hex MaximaImpair foe Stamina: -10 (x3)0-0-310-10-10
Subliminal Understanding8% Precision0-0-310-10-10
Enhanced Protection CharmDefense: +5% (x3)0-0-412-12-12
Falling for Quidditch56 Stamina0-0-4-812-12-12-12
Pronunciation Proclamation9 Power0-0-412-12-12
Problem Solving15% Defense Breach0-0-515-15-15
Master Mind5 Max Focus0-0-515-15-15
Flight of Fancy32% Accuracy0-0-5-10-1015-15-15-15-15
Legendary Lesson25% Deficiency Defense0-0-515-15-15
Team Teaching9% Defence while Player has at least 2 Enhancements1440
The Proficiency CharmEnhance your entire team by raising their Proficiency Power018
The Dark Forces25% Deficiency Defense018-18
Fly on the Wall14 Power0-0-7-1422-22-22-22
Star Power15 Power0-0-7-1422-22-22-22
Prediction Theory Analysis5% Protego Power022-22
The Lost Masterpiece22% Critical Power0-0-826-26-26
The Open Mind5 Maximum Focus026-26
Perfected Proficiency CharmProficiency Power: +5% (x3)0-0-826-26-26
Perfected Protection CharmDefense: +5% (x4)0-0-10-2132-32-32-32
American Ingenuity28% Critical Power0-0-1032-32-32
Deterioration Hex MasteryImpair foe Stamina: -10 (x2)032-32
Dementors77% Proficiency Power0-0-10-2132-32-32-32
Confronting the Faceless15% Protego Power0-0-2538-38-38
Advanced Proficiency CharmProficiency Power: +5% (x4)0-0-25-2538-38-38-38
On Sabbatical12 Power vs Foes with at least 3 Impairments2265
Pesky Pixies30 Accuracy (Pixies)1580
The Living Textbook27% Defense046-46
Student Teaching64 Stamina0-0-30-3046-46-46-46
Mundungus Among Us20% Protego Power (Dark Wizards)1580