Eyes Peeled, Ears Open, Wands Ready, Wizards Unite! We’ve been given a brand new gameplay trailer which gives us a look at the game. This trailer is very similar to the official Pokemon Go trailer which shot the game into a global sensation.

The trailer shows us through some key elements of the game. Collecting foundables by casting spells, the AR selfie feature for your Wizarding profile, choosing a house, stepping through portkeys into magical AR worlds where you can visit elements of the Wizarding World and even defeating foes in the fortress battles with friends.

These are the key elements to Wizards Unite. When you jump into the game you will find yourself navigating the AR world. Hunting down “Foundables” (which are the characters you need to collect throughout the game by casting spells) and visiting locations on the map to loot or compete in battles.

The Wizards Unite team has been extremely busy with the beta of Wizards Unite which is available in Australia and New Zealand. Last week we were treated to a significant update being Wizards Unite 2.0.0 where we saw the addition of the friend’s feature and various other game data changes in preparation for worldwide release.

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This trailer also comes just a day before WUTubers (Wizards Unite YouTubers) travel to Universal Studios Hollywood for an exclusive event where they will get to experience the Wizarding World in the theme park while also playing Wizards Unite. These YouTubers were hand picked by WB Games to attend the event which is not open to the public and get some first-hand experience playing Wizards Unite before it launches to the rest of the world.

But when is Wizards Unite being released to the world? We still haven’t been given an official launch date by WB games but it is expected to be this week. Will this be tomorrow at the Wizards Unite event? or will it be later? We are yet to find out.

All we can say is we are super excited and our wands are ready for global release.

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