Returning foundables in Wizards Unite rewards Wizard XP, Family XP and the chance of receiving a bonus item. When a bonus item is rewarded it is displayed on the foundable reward screen and automatically added to your vault.

Bonus Items

The current bonus pool includes Gold, Strong Exstimulo Potions, Dark Detectors and Silver Keys. For free-to-play wizards saving up Silver Keys from bonus drops may help complete time-limited quests during events.

Bonus Item Drop Rates

Thanks to work by Bliznitch (link below) and players from our discord server, we now have an insight into the drop rates of bonus items. During the week between Part 1 and Part 2 of the Back to Hogwarts event 10 wizards returned 7697 foundables and were rewarded with 146 bonus items, equating to an overall drop rate of 1.90% – this is equal to approximately 1 bonus item received for every 50 foundables returned.

Gold and Potions appear to drop significantly more frequently than the more valuable Dark Detectors and Silver Keys as detailed in the table below.

Bonus Item August Drop Rate (%) Bliznitch’s Rate (%)
Gold Coin 0.83 0.84
Strong Exstimulo Potion 0.78 1.00
Silver Key 0.17 0.12
Dark Detector 0.11 0.23

Based on these figures wizards might expect to be rewarded with:

  • 1 Gold Coin for every 125 foundables returned,
  • 1 Strong Exstimulo Potion for every 125 foundables returned,
  • 1 Silver Key for every 600 foundables returned, and 
  • 1 Dark Detector for every 1000 foundables returned

Note that bonus items appear to drop randomly so, for example, you may return many more than 125 foundables before receiving a potion and then receive two bonus items in quick succession; in fact, it is possible to receive bonus items from consecutively returned foundables.


The data suggests that drop rates for some bonus items are potentially as low as 0.1%, therefore, a sample size of 960,400 would be required to confirm the drop rates with 95% confidence and a margin of error of 0.1% therefore the figures presented here should be taken as a guide until a more comprehensive study can be completed.

Other Observations

Foundables from all families and all threat levels were observed to drop bonus items. While it could be possible that higher threat foundables have a greater chance of rewarding bonus items or that wizard level impacts the item received insufficient data exists to prove this.

Interestingly, each foundable is not limited to rewarding only one type of bonus item; for example, Baby Mandrake was observed to drop Gold, Strong Exstimulo Potion and Dark Detectors


  •  The overall bonus item drop is approximately 2% (1 bonus item per 50 foundables returned)
  • Gold and Potions are more common rewards than Dark Detector and Silver Keys
  • Bonuses can drop ‘back-to-back’
  • All foundables, including oddities and event traces, appear to drop bonus items


Bliznitch’s original figures can be found here 


Thanks to Dave, Bliznitch, Danellie, Gavin, Matthew, Orion Quest, Owlene, Quetzalquill, Zelgadis and Zolien from our discord server contributing data and to DannK for assistance with the analysis. We hope to repeat the study in the near future with a larger sample, if you want to help with research join our discord server.