Spell Energy is your mana, essentially. It is required to cast spells. Initially, the maximum energy a wizard can store is 75 units, but this limit is expandable at Wiseacres in Diagon Alley. (+10 capacity for 150 coins). You can check your current energy level by visiting Diagon Alley, or the vault.

Each spell uses one unit of energy per cast. Energy levels do not automatically regenerate over time but must be refilled by visiting Inns. Or you may purchase 50 units of Spell Energy at Wiseacres in Diagon Alley, for 100 in-game coins.

Inns: Types & Rewards

When visiting one of the various types of Inns, trace the glyph on the screen to cast a spell and select a food tray, rewarding various amounts of Spell Energy. The amount you are rewarded depends on the type of Inn you have entered, then on which type of food was on the tray you selected. You may visit any one given Inn every 5 minutes, to collect more Spell Energy.

Inn Types 

There are five types of Inns, available in various areas of density amidst the muggle world. The selection of food varies with the Inn type as well, though, at the time of this article, it was not completely clear which Inn type offers which food selections.


Inn Type Area Density Reward Notes
Green-roofed Rural Greatest rewards
Blue-roofed Mixed
Brown-roofed Mixed
Pink-walled Mixed Least rewards
Purple-roofed City


Food Selection & Rewards

Type of Food Tray Depiction Spell Energy Reward
Tomato Soup Metal Pot +3
Bertie Bott’s Beans Pointy, Striped Box +3
Pumpkin Juice Bottle w/ Pumpkin Top +3
Afternoon Tea Tea Set +3
Violet Pudding Cake +3
Bangers & Mash Mashed Taters & Sausage Links +5
Fish N’ Chips Fried Fish +6
Honeydukes’ Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar +6
Butterbeer Tanker/Mug +7
Turkey Dinner* Turkey Roast +10

*Note: In some regions, the ‘Turkey Dinner” is substituted with a ‘Chicken Dinner’.

  • Green inns can be Roast Dinner (10), Chocolate Box (6), Jelly beans (2) or Pumpkin Juice (2).
  • Blue can be Butterbeer (7), Fish and chips (6), Pumpkin Juice (2)


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