We have compiled the following troubleshooting guide based on the most common issues players have reported on our discord server; so if you are experiencing crashing, gameplay issues or are unable to log in then read on.


The basics – Check these first

Update to the latest version of the Wizards Unite app
The HP:WU team frequently release updates to fix bugs and address gameplay issues so visit the App Store / Google Play Store to ensure you have the latest version of the game. To keep your accounts and device safe be sure to only download the app from an official source.

Check your internet connection
If you are reading this then you’re probably good =) but try an alternative internet connection and see if this resolves your issue. If you are on mobile data try switching over to a WiFi connection and vice versa.

Toggle airplane mode
Turn on airplane mode, wait for 10 seconds and turn if off again; this may fix connection issues while using mobile data.

Restart your device
Close the app and restarting your device. Leaving your device off for a few minutes has been reported to resolve some login issues where the app repeatedly loops through or freezes on the login screen.

Charge your device & disable battery saver mode
Many devices will enter a power-saving mode when low on battery or you may have selected a power-saving mode to increase battery life, such low power modes can stop background services that the game requires to operate correctly.

Check your date and time settings
Players have reported the incorrect time has caused issues with logging in: set your device to ‘automatic date & time: use network-provided time’. The https://time.is website can be used to check the accuracy of your device.

Check if the issue is widespread
If you are unable to log in or are experiencing degraded game performance then check with friends or ask other players on our discord server if they are also experiencing the same issue.

Clear temporary data
On Android devices clear the app data and cache; on iOS devices clear Safari data as this is used to handle game login.

Simplify your portrait
The use of animated filters, frames and stickers on the Ministry ID portrait appears to have been the cause of numerous issues in the past so select a stock image with no frame, no stickers and no filter while troubleshooting.

Reinstall the Wizards Unite app
If none of the above has helped uninstall the app, restart the device and reinstall; if you are using a Samsung device turn off Download Booster – scroll down for more details.

Other Known Issues

Inns and Greenhouses

While dining at an inn it is possible to x out of the spinning dinner plate screen after casting the spell and before the reward is shown saving a few seconds each visit. However, if you are too slow hitting the x and the app is in the process of displaying the reward it will often crash. The same can happen when harvesting from a greenhouse.


Opening portkeys requires your device to have a gyroscope sensor to track rotation while exploring the different locations. If you have never been able to open a portkey on your device it may lack a gyroscope.

You can check your phone’s specification on the https://www.gsmarena.com/ website, look for ‘gyro’ listed under Features > Sensors. Note that some devices are shipped to different regions with different specifications, the VR Checker app by VRiew provides a simple one page summary of the sensors available on Android devices. While many similar apps exist we have seen VR Checker suggested by HP:WU staff plus its free to download and ad-free.

If your device lacks a gyro sadly there is currently no workaround as these are integral hardware components installed during manufacture; while we have seen some virtual gyroscopes apps that claim to offer the same functionally these require root access that will make your device incompatible Wizards Unite.

Casting Spells

A number of players report an issue with the first cast of a spell on every encounter resulting in a loss of spell energy and the first cast XP bonus. Players experiencing this issue may be able to draw the whole spell pattern but on completion, a red dot is highlighted near the start point of the cast similar to when a point on a trace is missed. Note this only appears to affect the first cast on trace encounters and does not appear when battling in a fortress challenge or when interacting with an oddity.

This issue appears to be device-dependent, the LG K20 and the LG Aristo 3 are two devices known to suffer from this problem. Currently, there is no known fix for this issue, below are comments from HPWU_Robert on the subject:

At one point, our team considered putting the LG K20 and the LG Aristo 3 in our list of incompatible devices before launching the game because of performance issues we found during beta testing…. Despite these performance issues, we made the decision to allow these devices (as well as others) to remain in the list of compatible devices so that the game could be accessible to more players.

Network Errors on Samsung Devices – Download Booster

Some Samsung devices ship with a download booster that causes some users to experience issues logging in. The reported fix is to uninstall the Wizards Unite app, disable the download booster, restart the device and reinstall the app ensuring download booster is turned off.

If you have any more tips to get others get back wizarding then let us know in the comments below.


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