Today the HP:WU Team patched a major exploit allowing players to claim the same rewards indefinitely. According to reports, not only was it possible to claim the daily rewards multiple times over but crucially rewards from the achievement tab and event assignments could also be collected as many times over as players wished.

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  • Players able to claim unlimited resources for free
  • Possible to max all three professions in days
  • No accounts yet banned

The Exploit

The exploit, that we suspect has existed since the game launched, has been promoted on YouTube since the end of October – allowing some using the method to max out all three professions and collect a lifetime of resources to help unlock future skills.

In short, the ‘trick’ required a Wizards Unite account to be logged into two devices at the same time: with one device engaged in a wizarding challenge the second device could be used to collect rewards that would then reset once the first account had finished the battle thus allowing for the same rewards to be collected every time the first device completed a fortress battle.

The gold collected allowed for the purchase of additional runestones to create a sustainable loop of infinite resources and rewards limited only by the amount of time a player was prepared to dedicate to the hack.


According to information shared with us, once an account had been primed to a level ready to collect rewards around a thousand red spell books an hour could be collected using the exploit – at such a rate it would be possible ‘earn’ sufficient spell books to unlock all three professions in as little as 75 minutes.

Moreover, during the recent ‘Stronger United’ brilliant event it was simple to farm the green Restricted Section Books using the same method to fully unlock all three profession skill trees.

On social media we have seen some cheats bragging that they have purchased thousands of runestones with the gold received and amassed tens of thousands of units of spell energy – claims that we are unable to independently verify but surely possible given the length of time the exploit was left unpatched.

Fair Play

The exploit has allowed some players to unfairly progress far beyond what is possible for legitimate players without committing the same time and effort into the game. Wizards Unite is a collaboration between Warner Bros. under the Portkey Games label and Niantic, game play issues are covered by Niantic’s Terms of Service and Player Guidelines.

With regard to cheating the Player Guidelines clearly state ‘Don’t do it. Play fair’ and go on to confirm that ‘intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward’ is considered cheating. Given there appears to be no possible way to accidentally trigger this exploit use of this ‘trick’ is clear breach of guidelines.

As of the time of writing we have yet to see any reports of warnings or bans issued to accounts using the exploit, in the interest of fair play we hope the developers take action and ban these cheaters from the game.