Foundables are beasts, objects and people pulled out of time and even memory that are found around the world. You can encounter the foundable and complete a task to gain rewards.

How do Foundables spawn?

Foundables spawn semi-random on the map. You can find specific types of foundables near different landmarks in the real world. They are also affected by weather, time of day, moon phase and the area you are in. You may find different foundables next to water or in a park.

You can collect Foundables and store them in your Registry you will also earn stickers and magic runes which can be used to battle Fortresses.

Encountering a Foundable

When encountering a foundable you enter an AR mode, in this mode you will be tasked with casting a spell by completing a gesture that is on screen. You complete this by tracing your finger over the line that appears on screen which casts the spell.

Casting spells to free the foundables will take spell energy. You can gain spell energy by stopping at Inns which are around the map.

All the Foundables in Wizards Unite

Heres a list of all the Foundables currently in Wizards Unite – A huge thank you to GoShinyHunter for this list.

FoundablesThreat LevelRegistry Sub-sectionRegistry
Abraxan Winged HorseEmergencyHagrid’s HutCare of Magical Creatures
Acromantula EggsLowPumpkin PatchCare of Magical Creatures
Alastair MoodyHighCourtoom tenMinistry of Magic
Albus Dumbledore Hp3EmergencyChess ChamberLegends of Hogwarts
Arthur WeasleyMediumCourtoom tenMinistry of Magic
Baby HippogriffLowPumpkin PatchCare of Magical Creatures
Baby NifflerLowNewt’s CaseMagizoology
Baby UnicornMediumForbidden ForestCare of Magical Creatures
Beaters BatMediumHogwarts Quiditch PitchMagical Games and Sports
BillywigLowNewt’s CaseMagizoology
BludgerMediumHogwarts Quiditch PitchMagical Games and Sports
Boggart CabinetMediumDada ClassroomHogwarts School
BogrodMediumMinistry Atrium IIMinistry of Magic
Book Quidditch Through The AgesLowTriwizard MazeMagical Games and Sports
Branch of BowtrucklesMediumCentral ParkMagizoology
BuckbeakSevereHagrid’s HutCare of Magical Creatures
CentaurMediumOddities 1Oddities
Chudley Cannons PlayerLowWorld Cup GroundsMagical Games and Sports
Crystal BallLowRoom of Requirement – Hidden ThingsWonders of the Wizarding World
Cursed Opal NecklaceHighHidden ThingsMysterious Artefacts
Daily Prophet StandLowMinistry AtriumMinistry of Magic
Decoy DetonatorsMediumRoom of RequirementMysterious Artefacts
DemiguiseHighCentral ParkMagizoology
Dirigible PlumsLowRoom of Requirement – Hidden ThingsWonders of the Wizarding World
DoxyLowOddities 1Oddities
Dragon EggMediumForbidden ForestCare of Magical Creatures
Dumbledore’s Army Dueling DummyLowRoom of Requirement – Dumbledore’s ArmyLegends of Hogwarts
Dumbledore’s Memory CabinetMediumDumbledore’s OfficeMysterious Artefacts
ErumpentMediumCentral ParkMagizoology
FawkesSevereGreat HallHogwarts School
Fenrir GreybackHighOddities 1Oddities
Filch and Mrs. NorrisLowRoom of Requirement – Dumbledore’s ArmyLegends of Hogwarts
FirenzeSevereForbidden ForestCare of Magical Creatures
Flesh-Eating SlugsLowBorgin & BurkesDark Arts
FlobberwormLowPumpkin PatchCare of Magical Creatures
Flock of Interdepartmental MemosMediumMinistry AtriumMinistry of Magic
Flying Ford AngliaSevereHogwarts GateWonders of the Wizarding World
FlyingkeyEmergencyChess ChamberLegends of Hogwarts
Foe GlassHighKing’s Cross StationWonders of the Wizarding World
Fountain Of Magical BrethrenEmergencyMinistry Atrium IIMinistry of Magic
Giants HelmLowKing’s Cross StationWonders of the Wizarding World
Ginny WeasleyMediumRoom of Requirement – Dumbledore’s ArmyLegends of Hogwarts
Goblet Of FireSevereTriwizard MazeMagical Games and Sports
Gobstone SetLowWorld Cup GroundsMagical Games and Sports
Golden SnitchHighHogwarts Quiditch PitchMagical Games and Sports
GrawpSevereHogwarts GateWonders of the Wizarding World
Gryffindor Student – FemaleLowDada ClassroomHogwarts School
HagMediumKnockturn AlleyDark Arts
Hagrids HutEmergencyHagrid’s HutCare of Magical Creatures
Hagrids UmbrellaLowRoom of RequirementMysterious Artefacts
Half Blood Princes Advanced Potion MakingEmergencyPotions ClassroomLegends of Hogwarts
Hand Of GloryLowBorgin & BurkesDark Arts
Harry PotterSeverePotions ClassroomLegends of Hogwarts
Harrypotter Hp6 QuidditchEmergencyTriwizard MazeMagical Games and Sports
HedwigLowPotions ClassroomLegends of Hogwarts
Hermione GrangerSevereChess ChamberLegends of Hogwarts
HippogriffHighForbidden ForestCare of Magical Creatures
Hogwarts Express EngineEmergencyKing’s Cross StationWonders of the Wizarding World
Hogwarts House CupEmergencyMoving StaircasesHogwarts School
House Hourglass SetEmergencyGreat HallHogwarts School
HowlerMediumHogwarts GateWonders of the Wizarding World
Hufflepuff Student – MaleLowDada ClassroomHogwarts School
KneazleLowPumpkin PatchCare of Magical Creatures
Knight BusEmergencyHogwarts GateWonders of the Wizarding World
Knockturn Alley SignEmergencyKnockturn AlleyDark Arts
Mad-Eye Moody’s EyeHighHidden ThingsMysterious Artefacts
Magic Is Might StatueEmergencyFallen Ministry AtriumDark Arts
Magical MegaphoneLowWorld Cup GroundsMagical Games and Sports
Magick Moste EvileLowBorgin & BurkesDark Arts
MandrakeHighKing’s Cross StationWonders of the Wizarding World
Marauders MapMediumHidden ThingsMysterious Artefacts
Minerva McgonagallEmergencyMoving StaircasesHogwarts School
Ministry AdministratorLowMinistry AtriumMinistry of Magic
Ministry ExecutionerMediumKnockturn AlleyDark Arts
Ministry OfficialLowMinistry AtriumMinistry of Magic
Ministry Visitors EntranceEmergencyCourtoom tenMinistry of Magic
Mirror Of ErisedHighDumbledore’s OfficeMysterious Artefacts
Moaning Myrtle Hp2HighMoving StaircasesHogwarts School
Monster Book Of MonstersMediumPumpkin PatchCare of Magical Creatures
MooncalfMediumNewt’s CaseMagizoology
Mountain TrollHighCentral ParkMagizoology
MurtlapEmergencyCentral ParkMagizoology
Music BoxLowRoom of Requirement – Hidden ThingsWonders of the Wizarding World
Newt Scamander Fb1EmergencyNew York City StreetMagizoology
NifflerMediumNewt’s CaseMagizoology
Nimbus 2000MediumTriwizard MazeMagical Games and Sports
Norwegian Ridgeback BabyHighHagrid’s HutCare of Magical Creatures
Nymphadora TonksHighCourtoom tenMinistry of Magic
OccamyEmergencyNew York City StreetMagizoology
Occamy EggsHighNew York City StreetMagizoology
Owl LecturnEmergencyGreat HallHogwarts School
PeevesHighMoving StaircasesHogwarts School
PensieveSevereDumbledore’s OfficeMysterious Artefacts
Percival GravesSevereFallen Ministry AtriumDark Arts
Philosophers StoneSevereDumbledore’s OfficeMysterious Artefacts
PickettSevereCentral ParkMagizoology
Platform 9 3/4 SignEmergencyKing’s Cross StationWonders of the Wizarding World
Pomona SproutMediumMoving StaircasesHogwarts School
Portrait of Bellatrix LestrangeMediumKnockturn AlleyDark Arts
Prophecy RecordMediumMinistry AtriumMinistry of Magic
PuffskeinLowForbidden ForestCare of Magical Creatures
QuaffleLowWorld Cup GroundsMagical Games and Sports
QuibblerLowRoom of Requirement – Hidden ThingsWonders of the Wizarding World
Quidditch Keeper RonSevereHogwarts Quiditch PitchMagical Games and Sports
Quidditch Pitch StandsEmergencyHogwarts Quiditch PitchMagical Games and Sports
Quidditch World CupMediumWorld Cup GroundsMagical Games and Sports
Quill of Acceptance and Book of AdmittanceLowRoom of RequirementMysterious Artefacts
Ravenclaw Student – MaleLowDada ClassroomHogwarts School
RemembrallLowRoom of RequirementMysterious Artefacts
Rubeus HagridEmergencyHagrid’s HutCare of Magical Creatures
Self-playing HarpHighRoom of Requirement – Hidden ThingsWonders of the Wizarding World
Severus SnapeHighPotions ClassroomLegends of Hogwarts
Sirius Black Hp5HighPotions ClassroomLegends of Hogwarts
Sirius Flying MotorbikeEmergencyHidden ThingsMysterious Artefacts
Slytherin Student – FemaleLowDada ClassroomHogwarts School
Sorting HatSevereGreat HallHogwarts School
Swooping EvilSevereKnockturn AlleyDark Arts
Sword Of GryffindorEmergencyDumbledore’s OfficeMysterious Artefacts
Tank Of BrainsSevereMinistry Atrium IIMinistry of Magic
The VeilSevereMinistry Atrium IIMinistry of Magic
ThestralHighKnockturn AlleyDark Arts
ThunderbirdEmergencyNew York City StreetMagizoology
Time TurnerEmergencyHidden ThingsMysterious Artefacts
Tom Riddle Hp6EmergencyFallen Ministry AtriumDark Arts
Tom Riddlesr GravestoneEmergencyFallen Ministry AtriumDark Arts
Triwizard CupEmergencyTriwizard MazeMagical Games and Sports
UnicornSevereNew York City StreetMagizoology
Vanishing CabinetMediumBorgin & BurkesDark Arts
Wanted PosterlowBorgin & BurkesDark Arts
Wanted Poster of Sirius BlackMediumHogwarts GateWonders of the Wizarding World
Weasley ClockLowRoom of RequirementMysterious Artefacts
Weasley FireworksLowRoom of Requirement – Dumbledore’s ArmyLegends of Hogwarts
WerewolfHighOddities 1Oddities
Whomping WillowEmergencyHogwarts GateWonders of the Wizarding World
Wizard Chess QueenEmergencyChess ChamberLegends of Hogwarts
Wizard Portrait DumbledoreMediumGreat HallHogwarts School
Wizard Portrait VoldemortHighFallen Ministry AtriumDark Arts
Wizengamot Accusation ChairEmergencyCourtoom tenMinistry of Magic
Young GraphornLowNewt’s CaseMagizoology
Young Luna LovegoodMediumRoom of Requirement – Dumbledore’s ArmyLegends of Hogwarts
Young Ron WeasleyMediumChess ChamberLegends of Hogwarts