When browsing your map in Wizards Unite you may notice some little flag points on the map that when tapped light up a specific area. These areas are were specific traces can be found more often.

Flag Traces
Ministry of Magic
Mysterious Artefacts
Magical Games & Sports
Wonders of the Wizarding World
Hogwarts School
Legends of Hogwarts
Care of Magical Creatures
Dark Arts

These flags relate to certain areas in Open Street Maps (OSM) – The data source used by Wizards Unite and Niantic to specify points of interest.

Some observations from members of the community have discovered some of these examples of certain OSM locations becoming flags.

  • Vet – Magizoology
  • Library – Hogwarts School
  • Playground – Magical Games & Sports
  • Bank – Dark Arts
  • Chemist – Mysterious Artefacts
  • Parks – Magical Creatures
  • Government Buildings – Ministry of Magic
  • Fountains – Legends of Hogwarts

We are still researching the flags. If you have a flag in your area make sure you let us know in the comments what type it is and what the building is where the flag is located.

Flag Overlaps

In a rare case, it appears some flags can overlap – These areas will be able to spawn more of both types of traces in the overlap, potentially allowing you to find more foundables.

A flag that overlaps in Wizards Unite
A location with two flags overlapping

It is currently unknown what exactly causes the overlap.

Flags are a great way to help you with filling your registry. If you are missing certain types of foundables then you can hunt down a specific flagged area to look for more traces that relate to that flag.

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