As of August 21st, an update for Wizards Unite has rolled out, bringing various tweaks to the game as well as other hidden fixes.

Heres the official changelog from the HPWU team.


  • The Young Ginny Weasley Foundable will now appear more often on the Map and in 5km Portkeys
  • Increased the amount of Family XP awarded for returning a Foundable that has reached its max Fragment count:
    • Low Threat Foundables increase from 1XP to 2XP at max Fragment count
    • Medium Threat Foundables increase from 2XP to 4XP at max Fragment count
    • High Threat Foundables increase from 3XP to 5XP at max Fragment count
    • Severe Threat Foundables increase from 4XP to 8XP at max Fragment count
    • Emergency Threat Foundables increase from 5XP to 15XP at max Fragment count


  • Traces revealed by Dark Detectors will now appear closer to the Inn

From our dig deeper into the game files the only major change to the game files is the addition of Deutsche Telekom quests. If you are a Deutsche Telekom carrier user jump into the game and you may be greeted with some special quests to complete.