Harry Potter Wizards Unite update 0.7.0 has begun rolling out around the world after being incorrectly released under version v1331.0.0. This update contains a number of bug fixes, new PortKey Locations, Niantic Kids login and various other minor changes.

Wizards Unite 0.7.0 Changelog

New Additions:

  • A new environment has been added to Portkeys for you to explore
  • Added Niantic Kids login method support

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various text and display issues
  • Fixed an issue with players receiving an error when collecting from an Inn, then re-entering the Inn before the 5-minute timer is up
  • Performing actions that are not prompted in the potion brewing tutorial can occasionally lead to the player becoming stuck and have to force quit the game
  • Locked potions will sometimes appear above the unlocked Potions in the Recipe list and Potion queuing screen

While this was the official changelog a few additions were snuck in this update with changes to the GameWrapper file.

  • Invigoration Draught and Invigoration Draught (Strong) potions have been tweaked to longer brew time values. These are now brewable in-game with these longer brew times.
  • Vampire stat changes and tweaks
  • Various tweaks to spells and encounters
  • New strings for various landmarks

New Portkey Locations

  • Boathouse
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Honeydukes
  • Spinners End

Bugs with Wizards Unite 0.7.0

On initial release of this update, it appeared POI data appeared for users who connected via Android. As reported by Reddit user JakkapanCh reported. Users with existing accounts were unable to connect but creating a new account allowed connection and showed POI data appearing around the world not just in New Zealand.

From our investigation, we have determined that a development environment was pushed live and users were connected to this environment. This was patched with an update to the GameDataWrapper approximately 30 minutes later. Once patched users were able to connect to existing accounts and were not able to see POI data anymore.

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