Wizards Unite 2.6.0 was released today, bringing a number of changes to the game.

Please note this article is currently being updated with more information. Check back soon for more.

New Features/Updates:

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– Potions that last for more than 1 spellcast will now work across Encounters! This means that if you use an Exstimulo and return the Foundable on the first spell cast, the Exstimulo will work on the next Trace you tap!

Ministry ID Portrait
– You will now default to your current portrait instead of the camera feed when editing your portrait so you do not have to take a new picture to view new stickers, frames, filters or lenses.

Photo Mode
– The Pixie Oddity Encounter will now feature Photo Mode.

Alert System
– You will now see a message pop up on your screen when you have completed a Daily Task, an Achievement, or a Quest.


Bug Fixes


– Fixed an issue with nodes on a player’s Profession skill tree being badged even when the player does not have the items needed for an upgrade

Wizarding Challenges
– Fixed an issue where Foes appeared to receive Stamina or have negative Stamina after being attacked or defeated
– Aurors Only: Fixed an issue where Aurors did not receive Focus when they defeated a Foe with the Bat-Bogey Hex

– Android Only: Fixed an issue with players get stuck on loading screen when trying to log into the game with a Google account, after creating a Niantic Kid’s Account
– Fixed an issue where players were unable to reach Level 60 and were stuck at 1 XP in Level 59
– Fixed an issue where switching from AR to Park Mode during an Encounter caused the visuals to shake
Known Issues:

– Players may still see badges (red dots) on Achievements even if they have scrolled through the Achievements list

Ministry ID
– Android Q Only: Players on Android Q may not be able to display animated stickers on the Ministry ID Portrait

– Foundables that are not from Encounters can sometimes have a high Seen number, even if they are not Seen in Encounters
– Foundables in Photo Mode may flip around when a player taps on the Foundable to reposition

Wizarding Challenges
– Players may not be able to re-enter a Wizarding Challenge if they are kicked out due to a connection issue
– Players may experience an unresponsive Map if they leave during a Wizarding Challenge and return to a Defeat screen
– Players may not be able to re-enter a Wizarding Challenge when they are on a low or unstable connection

– When a rental cauldron has expired, it may appear that you can still add Potions to the queue, when you cannot
– Players may receive an error when they attempt to collect a brewed Potion
– Android Only: Players may not see a Potion added to their Queue when they start brewing from the Recipes screen. Tap out of the Recipes screen to see the Potion in the Queue.

Alert System
– Players may not see a message pop up when they have completed +5 or +10 of a Daily Task, Achievement, or Quest