Unfortunately, Niantic can’t help but troll Australians. Wizards Unite was briefly available for download for Australians but then promptly removed. Giving Australians a glimmer of hope but ripping it from them almost as fast.

The update was available for 1 hour in the Australian iOS App Store before disappearing completely. During this time Australians that did get the app was having multiple crashes and not actually able to get past the tutorial.

We hope that Australians can join the game soon and Niantic will finally push the update live for them. As always we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, you can practice your spells with our Spell Caster. Click here to get started.


Original Article Below:

After a rocky start with Niantic sending out the email welcoming Australian Wizards to the game, it’s official, Wizards Unite is now available in the land down under.

Australian Wizards are able to jump onto the App Store and download Wizards Unite.

At the time of writing the update is only available on iOS. We expect Android soon!

If you’re a new Australian Wizard we welcome you to Wizards Unite. Make sure you check out our Wiki for up to date information on the game. You can also check out our Spell Caster to help you practice the spells you will encounter in-game.

Thanks to the wonderful community on our Discord channel for alerting us to the game becoming available for Australians. Make sure you join us if you’re new and Follow Us on Twitter for the latest Wizards Unite news and content.

Please Note: Some users in Australia are experiencing difficulty connecting to the game such as “An error has occurred with the Wizarding Wireless Network. Please try again.” this is most likely due to increased load on the servers as the game is launching. We recommend trying again slightly later. Read more about this error here.