It’s with sad news we bring you that Coronavirus has impacted Harry Potter Wizards Unite with the first of possibly many events being cancelled in regards to the game.

It was announced by the Harry Potter Wizards Unite team that the March Community Day has been postponed with no further details on when this will happen.

This follows Pokemon Go’s lead with the Pokemon Go “Abra Community Day” also being cancelled. It seems like Niantic doesn’t want to take any chances with encouraging players to get out an about while the coronavirus pandemic continues.

How will you continue playing while you are at home?

With players having to self isolate around the room how are you planning to continue playing? It is yet to be seen whether features will be released that will allow users to keep playing. Users in the Pokemon Go community have already been discussing aspects of the game that Niantic could change to allow users to continue playing from home.

It will be an interesting few months while the word adjusts to Coronavirus and we will keep you updated with any Wizards Unite News regarding this.

Stay safe Wizards. Remember to wash your hands!