Wizards Unite Discord Bot

The WizardsUniteWorld bot is the best discord bot to help you manage your Wizards Unite Discord Server.

Features of the Wizards Unite World Discord Bot

  • Automatically add your community to the Discord Map this helps get your community known and helps you find local communities.
  • Automatic setup of profession roles Auror, Mazoologist and Professor.
  • Automatic setup of house roles Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.
  • Allow users to set up profiles which they can assign themselves these roles to unlock certain channels.

How to get the Wizards Unite Discord Bot

First, click here and add the bot to your server. You must grant the bot Administrator privileges by leaving the Administrator box ticked.

Once you have added the bot check the newly created #WizardsUniteWorld channel.

Type !set-coordinates <latitude> <longitude>

You can get the coordinates from here. Once you have run this command your discord will appear on the map.

Setting up roles

To enable roles to type the following command in the #WizardsUniteWorld channel.

!config enable-house-roles true

This command enables house roles

!config enable-profession-roles true

This command enables profession roles

To enable the channels simply type the command

!config enable-role-only-channels ALL

This will create all the channels and assign the correct permissions to the users.