Wizards Unite content creators have been invited to take part in a magical Wizards Unite event at Universal Studios Hollywood on Tuesday, June 18th kicking off at 4.30pm PT where they will get an exclusive look at the up and coming mobile game Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

These content creators are flying from all over America to be part of what we expect to be the launch of Wizards Unite worldwide. There has been much anticipation for Wizards Unite and rumours have been circling that the launch will take place on either June 18th or 19th. These rumours are currently just rumours and no official launch date has been set.

Wizards Unite World is be publishing exclusive content from the event right here on this post. Make sure you keep checking back as we update throughout the activities.

Please check back soon for updates from the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hollywood event and follow us on Twitter for more.