The first-ever Wizards Unite Fan Festival is coming to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks. We’ve got all the details on the Fan Festival.

Where: Indianapolis
When: 31st August – 1st September

What can you expect?

We expect to see a range of activities and special in-game events for the Wizards Unite Fan Festival.


Attendees will experience all-new, fire breathing Oddities… Dragons! They’ll have the opportunity to encounter all of them in a single location for the first time ever, and after the event, these Dragons will fly off to their regions around the world.


The Threat Clock and Fan Festival Special Assignments

A series of Special Assignments will be available at the Fan Festival. Attendees will need to keep an eye on the Threat Clock throughout the day and be prepared to jump into action should the hands reach a state of emergency.

A Fully Interactive Experience

Magic will be all-around at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival, complete with a real-life Threat Clock, themed lounges and even wizarding world artefacts scattered throughout the White River State Park. Players will also be able to kick their feet up and plant themselves at the Greenhouse, a lounge area where participants can recharge their phones and test their knowledge of ingredients, potions and more for a chance to win prizes. Players may also come across Dragon and Acromantula Eggs scattered around the park. In addition, Landmark Flags will be brought to life around the park to help players navigate their way to find nearby Foundables, artefacts, creatures, and plenty more activations to interact with and take photos of.

AT&T and Simon Malls’ Sponsorship

The event is sponsored by AT&T and Simon Malls which will feature special booths at the event.

AT&T’s booth will include

  • In-game items
  • Giant Inflatable Niffler
  • Exclusive offers
  • Themed activities

Simon Malls booth will include

  • $10 Simon Gift Card voucher (redeemable in the Indianapolis Area)
  • A chance to win $10,000 shopping spree sweepstakes!

Global Activities

Players who cannot attend the event won’t miss out with global activities planned for the time. Plays will be able to participate in tasks and get rewarded – more details will be released on this soon.