As with any RPG, a main focus of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to be the classic grind for XP. In this article, I have compiled the sources you will want to utilize in-order to obtain XP efficiently.

Foundable Encounters

Foundables will prove to be one of your most consistent sources of XP, as you are rewarded some for every Encounter you complete; similar to capturing Pokemon in Pokemon GO! The amount of XP gained from completing a Trace encounter correlates with the threat level (difficulty) of the encounter.

Threat Level – XP Reward

Low – 50

Medium – 75

High – 150

Severe – 250

Emergency – 500

You also have several chances at earning bonus XP amidst encounters. Namely from spell-casting accuracy and other special condition bonuses.

Your spell-casting accuracy is determined by how well you trace the glyph that appears on your screen. Accuracy is rewarded with bonus XP, as follows.

Accuracy – Bonus XP

Fair – 0

Good – 20

Great – 50

Masterful – 100

There are a few special conditions that are awarded bonus XP as well.

Special Conditions – Bonus XP

1st Cast Bonus – 10

New Registry Entry – 250

New Spell Used – 200

These three components (Threat Level, Accuracy, and Special Conditions) are added together to comprise your total XP reward.

Example: The best attainable XP reward would be 1,060XP. That would be for encountering a New Registry Entry (250XP), with an Emergency threat level (500XP), hit with a Masterful cast (100XP), using a New Spell (200XP), and somehow completing this new encounter on the 1st Cast (10P).

Registry Prestige Tiers

Once completed, the Foundable is logged in a corresponding Registry and “returned” to its proper place and time. When a Registry has been completed, you are given the option to Prestige that Registry. This will remove all of the logged Foundables and upgrade the Registry’s frame. (The frame may be upgraded/Prestiged three times: Wooden>Brass>Silver>Gold.) It will also allow you the chance to collect all of those Foundables again, awarding slightly enhanced XP for Foundables re-logged in the Registry, with each Prestige tier. With four chances to collect XP from a single Foundable, that’s a good source of XP!


Fortresses award a static amount of 250XP on the first floor, unaffected by the number of Runestones used or participating wizards. Each floor of a Fortress awards only 10XP more than the previous floor, making Fortresses a rather ineffective method of grinding XP. However, throwing in a few Fortress battles while you are out tracking down Foundables, will boost your overall tally that day. You can’t complain about a little extra XP!


In comparison, Portkeys have been said to be the best source for player XP; especially for Rural players! The exact reward amounts vary with the  Portkey tiers (2k, 5k, 10k) and prove to be a little random from there. However, being able to activate multiple Portmanteaus at once allows you to open more Portkeys in less time/distance and the reward multiplier function of the Portkeys gives you a chance to double and even triple your XP take-away. According to Iced9x, Portkeys are the source that seems to grant the biggest chunk of XP. Though unfortunately, I was not able to find any solid numerical statistics on this.

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir is a potion that when consumed, grants you double XP for all of the above endeavours! However, it will not affect XP obtained from your Daily Log-In reward.

Daily Log-In Rewards

Though your Daily Log-In reward is not always XP (alternative daily rewards include spell energy, potions, and other items), every few days it is. XP from daily rewards ranges anywhere from 150-450 varying depending on the day and month.

~This article is a contribution by Dailey Tribune, you can check out her YouTube channel here!