Wizards Unite developers are once again hard at work pushing out another update to the game in the form of an over the air update which has bug fixes and brings us a few new features to play with.

With the news of Wizards Unite being released on June 21st, the developers are in overdrive fixing the small bugs and getting the game ready for worldwide release.

If you have a bug you know about in the game join our discord and let us know.

New Features

Greenhouse Social Growing

  • Visit your local Greenhouse to see the latest feature, Social Growing! Find Seeds and Water on the Map, then visit a Greenhouse to grow Potion Ingredients. Other players can contribute and collect Potion Ingredients, too!

Feature Updates


  • Updated rewards to various Achievements

Wizarding Challenges

  • Auror Skill “Full Moon Hunter” changed to “Mundungus Among Us;” this change will not affect the current level you on this skill.
  • Professor Skill “Mundungus Among Us” changed to “Full Moon Hunter;” this change will not affect the current level you on this skill.
  • The countdown timer for Chamber II and upwards has changed from 15 secs to 20 secs.
  • Added bonus Challenge XP rewards to playing Wizarding Challenges with friends. The more friends you play with, the more Challenge XP you win!


  • Increased the chance you may get higher-level Runestones from Family Chests.

Ministry ID Portrait

  • Herbology earmuff lens is now unlocked at Level 3.
  • Added a Fireworks animated frame! Head over to your Ministry ID Portrait and check it out!

Daily Assignments

  • Changed “Walk 0.70 Kilometers” to “Walk 0.25 Kilometers”

Daily Treasures

  • Made changes to the daily rewards.


  • Increased the strength of Exstimulo Potion

Bug Fixes

Wizarding Challenges

  • Changed Werewolf from Auror Foe to Professor Foe.
  • Changed Dark Wizard from Professor Foe to Auror Foe.

As always we take a deeper dive into the update. Digging through the game to find what else was updated. While most of this update was covered in the last game update here’s what we found so far.

Tweaks to upcoming daily rewards

Some of the rewards have been changed to either receive fewer items or to receive different items. In most cases, potion rewards have been changed to ingredients (in order to encourage brewing rather than just giving you the potion)

Various XP changes

Various tweaks to XP rewards and how much XP you got throughout the game.

Daily assignment tweaks

Tweaks to the daily assignments walking requirement. You only have to walk .25km a day rather than .75km previously.

Potion tweaks
  • Exstimulo potion 6H to brew -> 2H to brew
  • Healing potion 3H to brew -> 2H to brew
  • Invigoration Draught potion 4H to brew -> 3H to brew
  • Strong Invigoration Draught potion 8H to brew -> 6H to brew
New store packs

Additions to the store include new store packs for each house. These don’t appear to be active in-game and allow you to purchase coins along with various filters and stickers for your house to use in your Wizarding Portrait.

That’s all, for now, folks, this update wasn’t as massive as the 2.0.0 update so we recommend reading our break down of that if you’re in for more juicy feature goodness.

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