With the launch of Wizards Unite happening in the UK and USA we’ve been keeping up to date on the game and how people have reacted and what is happening around the game.

With the launch of the game, players have noticed the hard grind to get Spell Energy. Fortunately, the HPWU developers have heard our cries for more Spell Energy and have rewarded us by tweaking the spell energy slightly.

The developers have given us a Spell Energy pack in the Diagon Alley store for free. Heres what HPWU team member fazes had to say:

To celebrate the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the US and UK, and to support you during your weekend playing, we have added a free 50 Spell Energy store pack to Diagon Alley! You can find the free pack at the bottom of the Featured section. If you don’t see it, please restart your app.

Fazes has also provided this update in our discord:

  • The amount of Spell Energy given to players who first enter the game has been increased from 25 to 50
  • Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Inns and Greenhouses
  • Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Daily Assignments

This is a great thing to see with users increasingly struggling to get Spell Energy a quick response from the developers is just what we like to see.

Thoughts on the game from the community

We’ve collected some thoughts on the game and the Wizarding Event that took place from around the Wizarding community. Heres what these community members had to say.

From PokeFodder speaking about the Wizards Unite Event – The event really was first-class all the way. They really thought of everything from food/drinks to audio presentations, a new game trailer, and additional wifi towers. We were allowed to stay inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter after the park closed and play the game, drink butterbeer, and ride the rides. It truly was everything I hoped it would be and more.

From WizardTube speaking about the Wizards Unite Event – This event was an incredible opportunity! The best part without a doubt is the community aspect built into the game. Working together as a team you take down fortresses and you don’t need an insanely large group to be successful (4-5 is ideal). I enjoy the challenge of Wizards Unite (it takes a few hours to get the hang of things) and that everything you do contributes to the overall storyline of the game.

From Professor Lynette (WizardPhD) – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite definitely steps up the current AR gaming landscape. This game is complex from the start. By far, my favourite experience has been the wizarding challenges where a team takes down foes—lots to pay attention to and it truly feels like an immersive world you are stepping into! I haven’t defeated all the confoundables I’ve encountered (sorry, Ron!), but that makes a fun challenge to level up your character. I cannot wait to unlock my profession (currently at level 5) and see how those specializations impact the gameplay experience. The storyline is slowly revealed as you continue playing, and there seem to be lots of details to the mysterious Calamity… Everyone I met from the Wizards Unite team has such investment in the details of the Wizarding World, and I believe this game will be worth the anticipation. Thank you to WB Games, Niantic, and Portkey Games for dedicating so much detail for all Wizarding World fans to live out our magical adventures! Join me, Professor Lynette, on a WizardPhD journey!

From Wizards News – The hype train has been fully fueled up and is now charging down the rails. The Harry Potter wizard Unite event at universal studios Hollywood was an incredible opportunity to fuel that train. Not only was information given to media outlets around the world but we are able to meet and talk with many of the people who designed the game. We were able to play the game, experience the gorgeous new trailer, and hang around the park after it closed. But all of that pales and comparison to the opportunity to discuss Harry Potter lore with the development staff of Warner Bros. These are people who have a passion for the story and love for the game. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear from their own lips that the story is what will drive the game. This is going to be an incredibly enjoyable game not because of the amazing programming for the ingenious design, but because it comes from the heart and passion of people who love The Wizarding World.

From HPWitchesUnite speaking about the Wizards Unite Event – The entire event was completely surreal. I am still pinching myself! I’m extremely grateful to Warner Bros., Wizards Unite Hub, and my husband who all made this happen. To be completely honest, as much as I enjoyed FINALLY playing Wizards Unite, the highlight of the event was just hanging out with the other WUtubers. Everyone really is as friendly and personable as they seem in their videos! All of us have been friends for about a year or longer, so getting to spend several hours together, geeking out over our shared love for Harry Potter, was absolutely a dream come true.

From Animagus – When I first started playing, even after all the info we’d been given, I didn’t know how deep this game would go. Niantic and WB Games have created a masterpiece and I’ll be playing for years.

From Anthony Constant – Being from Melbourne I managed to start playing the beta from the 2nd week of release. From facing the first bugs to going live I have already seen many changes, all for the good of the game. The player support we had from Niantic has been positive and is definitely an improvement from pogo in its early days. The learning professions and building your character will keep players engaged for a long while. Plus there is plenty of scope for WU to grow with loads of unexplored avenues like houses and quidditch not fully evolved yet.

From Hexdro – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is different enough from Pokemon GO to keep me playing. I’m really liking the more fleshed out RPG mechanics, and there’s more than enough content so I don’t get burnt out. The story is easily the highlight though, Niantic put so much care into the writing and it shows.

From SlytherWin speaking about the Wizards Unite Event – The Wizards Unite event at Universal Studios Hollywood was easily the best day of my life! It was incredible meeting and talking with so many phenomenal content creators, developers, marketers, and even meeting John Hanke himself! The energy was incredible and it seemed like nobody was wanting the event to come to an end. I am so excited about this game! I’ve been playing it constantly since it came to my hands and I am so thrilled to be making content for it! If you haven’t already, Join the Adventure.

From XpectoGO – First I want to say thank you to WB, #wbsponsored for flying me out, taking care of hotel and transportation. Then allowing our channel to be apart of this amazing event. Wasn’t able to see the presentation bc of flight delays. Made it halfway thru the event, and can I say the fact that people like Nate Jones, Marey Casey, Johnathan Knight all knew our channel and who we were was MIND BLOWING. All were so excited we were there, quoted our breakdown video and signed a poster for Sue since she couldn’t make it WOW. Got to talk about future plans for WU, 5G, HP RPG, and the whole process of making the game with them and Devs. We had the park to ourselves for 2hrs, free rides and butterbeer. Then amazing goodie bags. Playing the game at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was magical. The foundable spawns were great, the fortresses you could do only once. But the game was smooth, player ID was great, the only downside was the Portkey tracking but didn’t notice till after. Overall an amazing and memorable experience, got to meet fellow WUtubers for the first time. Played the game with PkmnMasterHolly, Mystic7, aDrive, The Potter Collector, and so many more I was able to meet and be friends within the game. Simply magical can’t wait till the WU Fest Event.

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